Vendor Managed Inventory

How It Works

  • Power-House manages VMI area by keeping it clean, in order, and labeled to Customer's needs.
  • VMI is checked in the morning, with the orders being entered on site.
  • Order is sent to Inside Salesperson from customer site for material coordination.
  • Inside Salesperson coordinates getting material located.
  • Warehouse picks up material that is not in our location.
  • Material is staged on our VMI cart for afternoon delivery.
  • Power-House delivers VMI material in the afternoon of the same day.
  • Customer checks and signs for material.
  • Material is put on Customer's shelf.
  • Customer's area is kept clean.

How To Get Started

  • Customer suppliers Power-House with list of items for VMI.
  • Power-House establishes pricing with customer.
  • Customer estimates quantities of each item to be kept.
  • Power-House labels Customer's items with Customer part number or Power-house supplied part number.
  • Both Power-House and Customer determine billing cycle, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Both Power-House and Customer decide on days or days for VMI.
  • Power-House loads Customer's or Power-House assigned part numbers to corresponding manufacturer part number.
  • "Block and Tackle"

Ready To Get Started?

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